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In the event of an outage of the Mission and Brotherhood list please check here first for the latest info and the expected resumption of services. This page will be updated daily in the event of a List server failure.

Mission List Status - Green across the board

Brotherhood List Status - Green across the board

The TLC Brotherhood, Inc. List Servers

Communication Committee Chairman Dan Decker
Webmaster: Mike Souza

Listmaster: Ed Heyliger

The TLCB operates and fully funds three server lists, as depicted in the table below. All new members with Internet email addresses are automatically added to the Official and Mission servers and their email addresses are reachable from our website roster page. All members are also invited to use the Brotherhood list server, and may be removed from it at any time they wish. Access to the TLCB servers is a privilege of membership. Participation in discussions on the servers is voluntary, and subject to rules intended to support the Four Objectives of the TLC Brotherhood. Server access may be revoked in response to abuse of guidelines described below. 

Server users who violate the conventions or tips given page will often hear about it from other server users, or even a board member or committee chairman, who do not appreciate the inconvenience from carelessness that makes server participation less enjoyable for all.

If you complain to someone about their use of the servers, please send your message directly to them and do not cc the whole server list, which will only compound the annoyance to the rest.


No advertising.  No personal attacks.  No current politics. 
No attachments larger than 20 Kb. 

Sign your name to messages, so people can tell who they are hearing from.  Be polite. 
Send personal messages directly to the parties and not to the entire server. 
Be civil—many of these messages are read by wives and children, guests, and new members who are just trying the servers to see if they will like our company.  Make sure our messages can be read by all.  

"No message may be posted to the Mission server that is also posted to the Brotherhood server." Where there is some reason to post the same message to both servers, two messages should be sent.

Since use of the servers is a privilege of membership, removal from a server is a serious matter and must be directed by the board. However, the board has given the Chairman of the Communications Committee the authority to suspend users for a period to be determined, on a case by case basis, in situations where tempers are flaring, where board policy is being violated or where disruption is happening. We expect disagreements and debates, but not in the form of personal attacks and accusations.


 Here are a few things that will make you a good neighbor on the servers.

The biggest trap is the address block.  When you are replying to a message, look and see who it is going to, and make sure it’s appropriate—it’s usually that simple.  If you got a message that shouldn’t have gone to Mission, and you just hit “reply all,” you are just doubling the problem.  And often you are sending messages to people you don’t even know, who somebody else had put on the original message.

The subject line is much more helpful if it bears some resemblance to the topic of the message!  Note that we tend to perpetuate really odd subjects by not looking.   And if you are looking for an old message about some topic, it certainly helps to have pertinent subjects.

It is usually wise to delete most of the sender’s message before you reply, rather than just forwarding or returning every little note that was ever typed on. 

On Mission, avoid sending the whole list simple messages of agreement.  When you say “me too,” usually the only person who cares is the one you are agreeing with.  A general principal is, send your “right on” messages directly and only to the sender.



The Official server carries official information of the TLCB to all members. Access to it is restricted to the board of directors and committee chairmen. It is not a chat line. Do not reply to this server as your post will not go through, Send any note back channel to the author of the official notice about which you have a question.


It is intended for discussions related to our four objectives. Most of this discussion involves the history of the war in the TLC countries, but that is interpreted to mean all experiences, and not just combat experiences. Members discuss events on base, things that happened to them, how they felt about things that were happening. In order to control the volume of email, users are asked to express personal messages (condolences, congratulations, etc.) on the Brotherhood server or direct to the individual.  

Messages must be in good taste, without offensive language.  If you disagree with someone, or doubt their story, please say so in a civil and adult way.  Avoid personal attacks. 

The only political topics that may be discussed on the Mission Server are those which were part of the Second Indochina War, otherwise known as the Vietnam War and the Secret War in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia

All information on books and memorabilia related to the War in Southeast Asia is authorized.


It is available to all Brothers and Sisters who wish to participate, by request to the Listmaster Ed Heyliger. You can disconnect yourself at any time by sending the message, "Please remove me from the Brotherhood List" to the Listmaster Ed Heyliger.

Not restricted in any way as to content or subject matter, except for advertising and current politics, which are prohibited.  The term 'current politics' is defined as any attempt occurring now, in the near past, or in the near future to control or influence the conduct or policies of government at any level.   Politicians may be discussed ONLY if they are deceased.  Political events may be discussed ONLY if they are no closer to the present than 10 years in the past.  Future political events, like upcoming elections or election campaigns are forbidden.  If you must discuss politics, do it back channel or directly or on one of the many venues where such discussions are welcome  Users post jokes, comments on anything they wish, poems, and many serious discussion items. Watch your language. No solicitation for purchases of items or services will be permitted, other than the Brotherhood BX, whose profits go to the Assistance fund.

Generally self-policing as to personal attacks and other misconduct but subject to the same suspension policy as Mission. If other users are embarrassed or appalled by your behavior you will definitely hear about it, both back channel and on the server. Please do not let these “food fights” spill over onto the Mission server! (See tips, above).


This is an unofficial group of spouses who have a great time discussing whatever they please.  They are a support group, activists for various causes, a very efficient news channel, etc.

They have a list of addressees, and all messages posted to Sisterhood go to all those who are added to the list.  Contact: Linda Norway or Rosie Wheatley, to get added to the list.


1st Offense: 
2nd Offense: 
Suspension from the servers for 3 days.
Identity published at the discretion of Communications Chairman. 
Suspended member must formally apologize and request reinstatement.
3rd Offense: 
Suspension from the servers for 30 days.
Identity published at the discretion of Communications Chairman. 
Suspended member must formally apologize and request reinstatement.
4th Offense, or Flagrant Offense: 
Immediate suspension from the server or servers.
Identity immediately published.
Recommendation to the Board of Directors by the Communications Committee Chairman for permanent or not less than six (6) month suspension from the server or servers or revocation of TLCB Membership. 
Recommendation for permanent or not less than six (6) month suspension from the server or servers or revocation of TLCB Membership is at the discretion of the Communications Committee Chairman.
The final disposition of recommendations of the Communications Committee Chairman shall be determined by the of Board of Directors.



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