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Instructions for placing the correct html code on your website for the TLC Brotherhood Webring:

#1) After you have submitted your website for membership in the TLC Brotherhood Webring, highlight the following code, and paste it to the location of your choosing on your website.

  #2) After you have received your email about your webring number, insert it at the appropriate places in the code and then right click on the TLC Webring banner above, save it as: "tlc3.gif" on your website.


"Your site name" is a member of the
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<dl><div align="center"><center><dt></font><font face="Arial" color="#0000A0">

<u>&quot;Your site name&quot;</u> is a member of the</font></dt></center></div><div align="center"><center><dt><font color="#0000A0">

<img src="tlc3.gif" width="410" height="65" alt="tlc3.gif (6862 bytes)"></font></dt></center></div><div align="center"><center><dt><font face="Arial" color="#0000A0">Want to join the ring? Get

<a HREF=";addform" target="_blank">info</a> here!</font></dt></center></div><div align="center"><center> <dt><font face="Arial" color="#0000A0">[

<a HREF=";id=YOUR # HERE;prev"   target="_blank">Previous</a> ] [

<a href=";random" target="_blank">Random</a> ] [

<a HREF="http://;id=YOUR # HERE;next" target="_blank">Next</a> ] [

<a href=";list" target="_blank">List Sites</a> ] [

<a href="" target="_blank">ChatRoom</a> ]</font><font color="red"></dt> </center></div></dl>


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