TLCB Reunion 2003

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The Thailand, Laos, Cambodia Brotherhood, Inc. will be hosting their annual Reunion & Business Meeting.
  • WHERE:   Radisson Beach Resort, Fort Walton Beach, Florida
  • WHEN:     October 2nd - 5th, 2003.
TLCB Official Notice #1
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
October 4, 2003
Greetings Brothers and Sisters,
It's a great pleasure for me to send you the first message on TLCB's newest server, the"Official Notices" server.
Here at Fort Walton Beach the reunion crowd just finished TLCB's annual meeting, where a number of important announcements were made. These were:
  1. John Sweet, Assistance Chairman, accepted a check for $3000 from the treasury, a donation voted by your board of directors during our last meeting. This is your dues money going to work to support our charitable activities in Southeast Asia. Watch the Mekong Express Mail for reports on the good things this money will do.
  2. For David MacDonald I announced the initiation of the long-awaited official notices server, which is how you are receiving this message. Dave will provide the rules and uses of "Officials," but I will tell you this: do not attempt to respond....this is not a member chat or bulletin board; Mission and Brotherhood are for that.
  3. On behalf of Monument Chairman Gerry Frazier, I announced a donation to the monument fund of $5000 from benefactor Joel Brown, a good friend of Bart and Donna Bartholomew. No doubt this will be a great kick in the pants for our fund-raising efforts, and will help Gerry greatly on negotiations in Thailand later this month.
  4. Membership Chairman Linda Norway announced a contest. The member who recruits the most new members will have his or her 2004 dues paid by the Membership Committee. You'll get the details on Officials when Linda gets a chance to get back to her own computer.
  5. Reunion Permanent Chairman John Sweet announced that TLCB is moving west! Hap Wyman will chair the committee for our first West Coast reunion, to be held about a year from now in the vicinity of Riverside, California. Watch this server for further details.
There's a great crowd here, the weather has been perfect, and our only regrets are that we don't have more of you here to share this experience.
Bill Tilton


Reunion Photos from our members

      Bob's Reunion Photo Album 122 pictures.
Jimmie's Reunion Photo Album some generalphotos and Roll-Call Memorial Reading with photos.


Reunion Shirts & Memorabilia
View the Reunion Tee & Golf Shirts

tee shirt, view larger images with above link

This year’s Reunion T-Shirt color was chosen by popular requests and the World situation (War with Iraq). Our Reunion logo T-Shirt was BLACK with our "Back to the Beach" Reunion logo on the backside and the POW/MIA logo on the front side pocket.  
This year’s reunion embroidery Golf Shirts were in three colors.   Forrest Green, Royal Blue and Steel (Gray)

      Not sure if you can still order Reunion shirts. Checking on it.

TLCB Sisterhood 2003 Quilt

    The Sisterhood quilt was made by Rosie Wheatley and raffled at the annual reunion in Fort Walton Beach Oct 2-5, 2003.

Bob Wheatley has created a web page where you can get all the facts covering what the quilt is about. Please take a few minutes and click on the link below to go to the web page and view for yourself. TLC Sisterhood 2003 Fundraiser Quilt

Reunion Local Committee Members

If you have questions or need assistance, feel free to contact a reunion committee member from below list. Thank you to all committee members for your hard work and dedication to making it a successful reunion.


Member's Name & Email Address Telephone # Special Comments
John Sweet
(603)474-2335 TLCB Vice President - Reunion Chairman
Ed Miller & Pet
(850)243-1602 - Alt 582-2452 Local Chairman - Registration/Financial
Woody Freeman & Grace
(850)729-8081 Advertisement (Web), Local Media & Base Tours
Bobby Barry & Phon
(850)682-4414 Reunion Assistant
David Harrington & Joyce
(850)581-8659 Hospitality Suite Coordinator & Reunion Memorabilia
Chuck Jennings & Lek
(850)678-8105 Memorial Service (Sunday - Armament Museum)
Arnie Foltz & Pen
(850)581-1833 TLCB Paintball Fund Raiser (Hurlburt - Saturday Afternoon)
David Fredrickson & Laurie
(334)684-6279 Electronic Media Hooch
Paul Cummings & Norma
(850)473-0284 Hooch Bar
Don Dorwart
(850)864-3122 Reading of the TLC Names Memorial (Saturday Afternoon)


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