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TLCB Memorial Wreath presented

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Eglin AFB, FL

The Brotherhood after the Memorial Ceremony

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Brigadier General "Heine" Aderholt and Major General "Dick" Secord



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TLCB, you may be happy to know that I made it back to Colorado from Fort Walton Beach without many wrong turns. In fact my new navigator helped keep me on track.
We had a great time making new friends and getting together with the ones we've made last year, and have been corresponding with the past 4 years. I'm glad to have Lonnie officially on board as the Chaplain and John Sweet as our new Vice President (missed Paul due to medical circumstances). Glad to have Bob Norway step up as webmaster. It seems that with each changing of the guard the website becomes even better.
Great job to Ed and Woody and their entire crew at FWB. These guys worked extremely hard and the banquet was really good ('cept looking at the back of Bob's back while he filmed it).
Guys who couldn't come should really plan on the one next year in DC, and the gathering planned in Bangkok with TLCB and ACA. Les told of some great things there as well.
Anyway the reunion was great, our driving all over Florida, Texas and the other states we passed through was really fun, but I'm glad to be home again.
I'll talk to Dave MacDonald about getting our banner replicated so that it can be made available to activities around the country as needed. In the meantime, we're gearing up for the Veterans Day Parade in Colorado Springs next month and hope to see our brothers at this downtown gathering.
Joe Wilson - Colorado Springs
569th TC Camp Khon Kaen 68 - 70
505th TC Camp Vayama 70


Dear Brothers & Sisters
Nancy and I arrived home last evening after flying home to Boston following another wonderful reunion with all of those able to attend.  For those of you who have not had the opportunity yet to know the joy and warmth of sharing time with their fellow members, I hope the reunion next July in Washington, D.C. will find you present!
Let me first thank all of you who have entrusted me to become your next Vice President.  I am  determined not to fail you in developing the TLC Brotherhood to even greater achievements led by the wonderful accomplishments Paul Lee demonstrated from his fine leadership.  I am sure Paul and all of you will be there to council me along the path and I am grateful for your encouragement and support.
Still having a lot to catch up on at home of course, but needed to post this message to you all concerning the amount of funding generated by your efforts for the Assistance Fund.
Your Reunion Committee Brothers and Sisters who did such an outstanding job, also raffled off an afghan of an American Flag and raised $150.00 in the process!  Thank you to one and all.
Prior to the reunion $1,222.00 had been submitted for Quilt Raffle Tickets - another $72.00 worth were picked up from the Post Office on the way to the reunion where an additional $346.00 in raffle ticket sales were generated for a grand total of $1,640.00.  My personal thanks to Bob and Rosie Wheatley for their once again successful project which has even exceeded last years excellent total in raising funds!  The conclusion of the drawing was filled with suspense.....and the posting of the follow up stories displays to us all how God reaches out and touches our lives when we possess faith in his guidance!
There was an outstanding total of $2,762.50 generated from the Annual Friday Night Auction - which had so many items this year we had to break the auction into two parts and finish up Saturday morning!  Thank you so much to all of you who donated and bid on items to help the Assistance Fund this year!
Thus, there has been a total addition to our Assistance Fund of $4,552.50 from the reunion auction and the two quilt raffles, raised prior to as well as during the reunion.
An additional check was presented to the Assistance Fund this year at the Annual Meeting derived from revenue generated by profit from sales conducted in the BX by our shopkeeper, Jim Bartholomew in the amount of $2, 491.15.  Outstanding work Jim!  We are all grateful for your efforts, and the great support of those who purchase items in the BX which will go a long way to aid many children in Southeast Asia!
Several of the Assistance Committee were in attendance at the reunion and we feel the time has come to have an survey concerning the direction the membership wishes us to pursue in the next MEM.  We represent you, but need your input and guidance in our endeavors! 
Thanks again to all of you who have given of your time, talent and funds!  You have made remarkable differences within the lives of so many in the past few years!  Together we have achieved a miracle and tomorrow we shall watch it grow!
Warmest Regards To All
John Sweet - TLCB Vice President
Assistance Committee Chairman


Great Letters About the Quilt Raffle (Please Read)

Cyndi and Dave.....The letter below was sent to me by my wife so I could
reply to it directly.  I did not have your e-mail address in my address book
and so by her sending it to me it made it much easier for me to send you my
thoughts.  You may not know it, by I have been elected as Chaplain's for the
Brotherhood.  (In real life I am a Minister for one of our local churches
here in Oklahoma, so you might say that I do come with some qualifications).

When the question was raised to me at our Board meeting on Friday about how
we could get this quilt to Jane, in remembrance of her late husband, I
informed the board that since it was advertised that the quilt was the prize
to be given, there was not to much that could be done about it if Jane was
not the lucky winner.  I told John Sweet, who talked to your husband on
Saturday night, after the name was drawn as the lucky winner he might ask
the winner if they really wanted the quilt or were they just buying the
ticket to support the Brotherhood/Sisterhood?

If they really did not want the quilt then I told John to mention how badly
Jane wanted it and if they did not mind we could give it to her in their
name.  The Board agreed that was the best way for us to handle it.  The
night the drawing took place they brought the box of tickets to me at the
head table and ask me to "stir up the tickets".  As I was stirring them, I
said a silent prayer and ask God to find a way for the quilt to reach Jane.
As I was saying this prayer, John Sweet said something very reassuring me
but was addressing the folks in attendance.  He said, "And now we have the
hand of God in this folks"....referring to my hand being in the box stirring
up the tickets.

I felt deep in my soul that God had just answered my prayer and I just
simply said, "Thank you Lord".  In His word we are told that God works in
mysterious ways.....and your letter just proves it.  I simply want to thank
the both of you for taking this opportunity to put some joy and happiness
into the life of a person that is so deserving.  I am proud and humble to
know that I have the opportunity serve such a wonder group of loving, caring

God Bless the both of you and your family and be with you and watch over
your each step of the way.

Lonnie McIntosh
Chaplain - TLCB

----- Original Message -----

 Dear Cyndi and Dave,

 I am Bob Wheatley, Rosie Wheatley's "better half"  : >)  I am writing to
 personally express my most sincere and heartfelt appreciation for your
 letter and for the wonderful thing you have offered to do.

 Rosie and I and our son, Jeff arrived back home from the TLCB reunion in
 the wee, small hours of the morning.   We had been on the road for 13 and 1/2 hours, driving from Fort Walton Beach, Fla to Carthage, Indiana.  We were dog tired when we got in, but one of the first things I did was turn on the computer to check the email that had come in during our absence.  We are so glad we did!  Your email, which Jane Cloud had forwarded was absolutely the best news we could have received.  It gave us a great spiritual lift and marked a very special ending to what had been a most memorable and uplifting few days.

 Yesterday, the TLCB concluded our reunion with a memorial ceremony in
 remembrance of our brothers who made the ultimate sacrifice in the war
 in Southeast Asia.  It was an extremely moving ceremony, with many of us
 in the gathering offering up names of friends and acquaintances who died
 over there and the stories of their passing.  Our brother David Cloud was specially mentioned and memorialized in the Chaplain's remarks, as was another of our members who passed away in the last year.  There was not a dry eye left in our sizable group there by the time the service was over.  I know that mine were not.  Many times, the tears welled up and ran down my cheeks, and I had to reach up and wipe them away.  The ceremony concluded with the group singing in unison, Lee Greenwood's, "God Bless the U.S.A."  By that point, I couldn't speak for the knot in my throat.  The best I could do was to mouth the words.  As moving as our closing ceremony was, I have been equally moved by your letter.

 Though we did not get out together often, David and Jane have been
 special friends to Rosie and me.    David was already on the list for a
 lung transplant when we first met him.  Through his long struggle with
 his disease, his ever upbeat and cheerful attitude made him even more
 special to us.  He was indeed a man to admire and emulate.  And Jane's
 unqualified, unwavering devotion and support for him makes her very
 special in our hearts.  The love between the two of them was obvious on
 our first outing together.

 So in all honesty, from a personal standpoint, I have to tell you, there
 was considerable disappointment amongst many of us when the ticket for
 the raffle quilt was pulled, and the name on it was NOT Jane Cloud.  As
 you know, Rosie and the Sisterhood had decided to dedicate the quilt, in
 part, to David.  And we also knew how much having that quilt would mean
 to Jane.  So we were feeling just a little bit "down" in spirits because
 it did not work out the way we had hoped.  Your letter has put the
 finishing touches on what has been a near perfect weekend.  May God
 bless you and yours now and always for your wonderful act of loving

 As an F.Y.I., the raffle raised over $1500 to benefit the poor children
 of Thailand.  There is so much good that will be derived by many from
 your participation and that of others.  If you would care to learn more
 about the TLCB, of which David was a valued member, you can find our web page at http://www.tlc-brotherhood.org

 Bob and Rosie Wheatley

 P.S.  The quilt will be in the mail and on its way to you tomorrow


 Cyndi Pressler wrote:

 To the TLC Sisterhood & Brotherhood:

 Hello Everyone!  This is David and Cyndi Pressler, Belton, Texas,
 writing to THANK YOU ever so much for the opportunity to win the wonderful quilt from your raffle.  We wanted to be sure that ya'll know that our winning the quilt is much more than just a lucky draw of our ticket.  We hope the following will bless you and help you to share in our joy.

 My husband David was the one who answered the phone the other night when ya'll called to let us know we were the winners.  David was a little
 confused and did not make the connection right away while on the phone
 with you.  I was dozing and heard him on the phone but did not make the
 connection either until after he hung up the phone and came back in the
 living room to tell me he just had the strangest phone call.  As soon as
 he mentioned the word "won a quilt"... I was wide awake, my mouth
 dropping open and in shock!

 You see, Dave and Jane Cloud are very special people in our lives.  Jane
 and I have been friends since we first met in 1979.  I was a young, single
 mother of three bouncing babies, newly divorced and wondering about my
 children's future when through a set of not accidental circumstances,  Jane came into my life along with some other very special, wonderful friends and mentors.  Within a few years I met and married a wonderful man, David Pressler, and, of course, Jane became his very special friend as well.

 Time eventually brought Dave Cloud into our circle of fellowship.  Dave
 was as special to me as a friend as my own David was to me as a spouse.
 Primarily because he truly loved and cared for my friend Jane and    secondly because he truly opened himself to me as a friend, brother.
 Dave and Jane's convertible is the first convertible my Dave and I have
 ever driven.  We now own one.  Dave Cloud talked non-stop about his
 dream of  vacationing in the islands of the world.  Jane has kept that dream going by sending us Dave's island magazines on a continual basis and we are hoping and working towards taking some of those trips.  And, now,          Dave Cloud is once again touching our lives and sending us his love as he
 always did during his stay here on earth.  Over a very short time, he
 became such an important part of our lives and he has left a rich legacy
 for us all.

 Dave and Jane never stop giving to those around them. I recently lost my
 own father from this life.  I was able to help him be at home for his  passing.  It was quite an experience and I have no fear for him.  I know
 that he is safe and watching over us but it still doesn't make missing
 his presence here any easier.  And, so, I wait for those special  moments when I think I can feel him or touch him.  Saturday was one of  those days when my dad's presence was very strong.  And, then... when  the news came in about the quilt, the first thing I heard was... "Your dad is just fine and I'm sending you a gift since we didn't get to see  each other before I left."  I don't know what you believe but I know that without a shadow of a doubt, God's hand is present and I am overjoyed that two people I love very much were able to be with me again.  When we get the quilt, my Dave and I will wrap ourselves in it and feel Dave Cloud's love, add our own to it and then... We plan to mail the quilt to Jane... to send it home where it belongs.

 Those are the words I keep hearing ... the quilt needs to go home where
 it belongs.  Sooo... that woman Mr. Sweet spoke of to my husband (there
 was a woman who would like to buy the quilt should the winner decide not  to keep it)  ...that same woman is our dear friend and sister, Jane...  and
 she's getting her wish... a big hug from her Dave ... through the loving
 hands of Rosie Wheatley and the TLC Brotherhood/Sisterhood.

 How could you know when you started this project that so many lives
 would be involved and be touched?  Thank you for being the hand of God.
 The receiving of this quilt has been as fresh spring water in a desert
 we've all been walking through these last couple of years.

And, to Dave Cloud, I say:  Welcome to Texas!  It's about time you got
 here for that visit!

 We will try to take a picture of us holding the quilt and send by email
 to you!  It's nice to meet all of you finally, Dave always spoke highly
 of his brotherhood friends.  :)

 All our love to your group, your project has lifted my faith when it
 desperately needed a touch...

 Dave & Cyndi Pressler, 1113 Lindsay Cr., Belton Tx  76513


Hi to all. It was a great reunion at FWB, a very good turn-out. wish that
all could have attended. The weather couldn't have been better, cool in
the mornings and swell during the days near the lower 80's. The Reunion
Committee did a outstanding job even though changes had to be made
due to Eglin AFB lockdown. There were two trips on different days to the
Armament Museum, which is just outside the fenced Eglin Base, but
belived to be on Government property. The USAF provided bus service
to and from the museum. Really super displays inside the air conditioned
two level building, from weapons to aircraft. Inside the building was a static display of a P-47, F-51, P-80 Shooting Star and a F-105 with the various ordnance she could carry. All kinds of bombs, ammo. and guns/cannons from the modern pod gattling gun and going back to the WWI Lewis Machine gun. I was particularly taken by the experimental 73/75mm aircraft  automatic Nose cannon (never went into production). God, what a weapon!!! Also there was a mockup of one of the first nuclear bombs.There was also an excellent small arms display along the wall on almost one whole side of the building. Know that Larry Hughs could have spent days and days in there "drooling" at the various air weapons. There was a nice gift shop also, but prices were on the high side compared to Colo Springs USAFA Shop. I was particularly interested in the electronic sensor display on the main floor. I worked with the end product of these at TFA (Task Force Alpha), NKP 68-69 and brought back memories of going to Sensor School at Eglin/Hurlburt Field 9, some 33 years ago. I took many pictures of the various sensors as years ago, being caught with a camera in the vicinity was a  very serious breach of security. (Welcome to Ft Levenworth -get the picture!) The sensors were cut-a way view, but all the electronics inside were long ago removed and replaced with painted pieces of wood. I was also impressed with the 28 cylinder cut-a-way working display of the type of aircraft engine that powered the B-36 bomber. All I can say is :WOW!
Outside was the aircraft static displays, but sadly missing was the 0-1, OV-10, A-1 Series, but there was an 0-2, but in rather sad shape, but all kinds of other aircraft from a B-52G down to the C-47 Gunship, including one of my favorates, a B-47 SAC Bomber. 

The "Hospitality Room" at the hotel.,what can I say! Old friends were reunited and new friends made. Stories and stories were told, some even get better as the years go by  :>) and lots of smiles, laughs and nodding of heads in agreement with what someone said or mentioning a memory or a particular incident. We had three pools at the hotel and a stones throw from the Gulf, I would have liked to gone in but with my medication I have to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible and head for the shaded areas.
The Reunion Banquet was great, we all sat at large round tables and it was
buffet style with two lines, one on either side of the buffet. All kinds of veggies, salad bar, chicken, beef, rolls. mashed potatoes and you name it for desert. 


The guest speakers were great, Colonel Day   MOH, was unable to attend.
I didn't attend the Sunday memorial service as my Northwest flight  left
at 0630 Sunday. A/C was 80% full going to Memphis, Tenn.

All for now, might write more later. Best regards to all, Ken

My first reunion.
Thank you Brothers in the Panhandle area for all the efforts put forth in getting this reunion set up and running. It was a GREAT job!!!!..All the planning seemed to meld together including the weather.
Thanks to all the Brothers, sisters that I met. It was truly a pleasure to meet each and everyone of you. Am so glad that I made so many new friends in person. If only some way we could all get together more frequently. This is truly a very amazing group. I now know what a BROTHERHOOD is. .Am anxiously awaiting the next reunion in DC...
I took 12 floppy disks of pix with 11 on each one. As I get them sorted out, will post them on one of the available viewers. I was honored to have Gen. Aderholt pose for a picture with me. I told him, I salute you Sir....His reply , I salute you and all of you that were  in the trenches. He is a very remarkable man. Could have listened to him all nite.
Thanks to the founders for setting up our GREAT brotherhood. Without them, this weekend would not have happened. 
The Memorial Service was a major highlight of the reunion. Those that missed, really missed out on an heart warming experience. There was more than one tear shed for our lost Brothers and Sisters. We should not rest until they are all home. They may be gone BUT they are NOT forgotten. Ask our government to bring 'em all home or send us back. 
God Bless You , God Bless America
R.G. (Dick) Grimes TSGT USAFRET
Member TLC-Brotherhood
Member Vietnam Veterans Of America
Member Vietnam Veterans Of Central Florida
Member VFW Post 4287
NhaTrang RVN '65
CamRanhBay RVN '65
LS 85 Laos '66




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