Here you will see that the spirit of the Brotherhood is so strong that some Brothers 
can't wait for the yearly reunion, so they get "mini's" together all around the country.

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Melbourne, FL Viet Vet Memorial Reunion - 2007

Gary Beatty, Frank Marsh (TAG), Ted Trousdale, Bob Norway, and Dick Grimes met at the 2007 Vietnam Veterans and All Vets Reunion and Traveling Wall at Melbourne, FL on the weekend of 28 and 29 April 2007. Nobody had a camera until Frank 'remembered' he had one in his truck. Unfortunately, Dick had already left, so no picture of him. I guess Frank didn't want to wear out his camera, so there were only a few pix of the Swift Boat, a Huey and the four of us that happened to be there when he retrieved his camera. Click the button to see the pix.

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Mini in Colorado Springs, 21 July 2003

Hi, Everyone, Gerry Frazier and incoming TLCBer Paul Murtha are teaching a class on simulation at the Air Force Academy this week. So I guided them over to the Wild Ginger Restaurant this evening in Old Colorado City, where we were joined by Jim Harrod and Joe Wilson for another great Thai meal. We had a couple of hours of great story telling

Picture TLCB0180ss

From left to right you have Paul Murtha (Batman 16), Gerry Frazier, Jimmie Butler, Jim Harrod, and Joe Wilson. Gerry and Paul stopped by my house on their way from the Academy to the restaurant. Right before they arrived, I’d just hand-fed a box of Triscuits to a couple of does who’ve been hanging around lately with this year’s fawns. When Paul and Gerry arrived, a doe and a fawn were still in the yard, so Paul was happy to get a picture or two. His wife is coming out at the end of the week, and they’re going to look around Colorado Springs to see how much they might like it. Perhaps one of these days, Paul will be a part of the Colorado contingent of the TLCB. While chatting in the parking lot with Paul, Gerry, and Jim Harrod, I mentioned that one thing that always surprised me was that many Army chopper pilots I've talked to spoke of surviving 2 or 3 crashes. I’d always worried about those blades chopping through everything and I'd been surprised about the number who had survived. Paul said he had gone down 7 times and usually was glad he was in a chopper. He also shared a great story about one of the squadron mascots, a 4-pound monkey named Moose. During a mortar attack, one of the pilots wanted to get airborne and Moose decided to go along. Paul explained that you balanced the blades with the equivalent of a few bb’s out a foot or so from the hub. Obviously a 4-pound monkey hanging on the trim tab at the end of the blade was going to affect the balance. I know it’s going to be hard to tell the story in an e-mail as well as Paul told it over our Thai meal, but I told him he needs to share that one sometime on the mission net. Paul flew a number of clandestine missions into Cambodia. A good time was had by all.

TLC Brotherhood mini reunion for Joe Gagnon - June 13, 2003

Brothers and Sisters, June 13, 2003 Staten Island, New York was the scene of a surprise TLC Brotherhood mini reunion for Joe Gagnon. Former Brooklynite Dennis (Bzaza) Browne, Wendy Liles and I surprised Joe at his favorite haunt near the Staten Island Naval Homeport facility on the north shore. We all had a great time! It took us a little while to find Joe's secret hideaway. No one in the immediate neighborhood would admit to knowing what we were talking about, so we were beginning to think it was one of the "Social Clubs" the attorney general keeps a close watch on. The well-hidden Ocean Yacht Club has neither an Ocean nor Yachts (not even one boat), but it does have some members so I guess it is a club. One thing the Yacht Club has is plenty of beer, so while Joe was unable to imbibe due to his treatments, he took great pleasure in watching us wet our whistles. As is traditional at all reunions, we took turns telling wildly exaggerated and sometimes completely untrue stories all the while assuring each other of their absolute factual basis. We worked up a pretty good appettite at the yacht club, so we set off on a hunt for a Thai restaurant. Since all the restaurants on Staten Island by law must be owned by one or another "Family" of Sicilian heritage, this proved to be an impossible dream. We finally settled upon the local Appleby's, and had a great lunch. The highlight of the afternoon was Joe's spirited retelling of how he spent two days stuck in the wing tip fuel bladder of a B52, stripped to his skivvies and trying to work in a space designed for someone half his size. Joe swears that Boeing, at that time, actually had hired a team of civilian midgets that were specially trained to perform maintenance on that #16 fuel cell. Joe and Joanne will be making their long awaited move to their new home in South Carolina within the month. We were all glad to be able to get together one more time to wish them well.
You can see pictures of the New York Mini Reunion at: Joe Gagnon mini by Bob Santo

Pacific NW Mini - Salem, Oregon - March 2003

Picture 0018
Left to Right - Vern Rice, Richard Smith, Dennis Browne (Bzaza),
Larry Hughes, Jim Sisson (Seamus), George Conklin.

Picture members and wives
A shot of us and our wifes at the dinner table.

S. California Mini - March 2003

Standing Left to Right

Rick Middleton--Vic (New Bro)--Ralph Wetterhahn (First Reunion)

Aubrey Bell (My Dad)--Len Scheid--& Bob (New Bro)


Les Thompson---Rod Bell (Slick)

(Click on Thumbnail to see Larger Picture)


Florida Mini-Reunion

October 2002

Maty & Jon-Pierre Benoist with Linda & Bob Norway

After a pleasurable evening at a British Pub in Orlando. Jon was showing

off his knowledge of fine Scotch, thus the big grin...LOL.

The grouch on the right was just tired.....:)


North Carolina Mini-Reunion

October 26, 2002

King and I Thai Restaurant in Cary, NC

 Jim and Donna Bartholomew Alice & Doug Maston and Donna Bartholomew
Lydia and Jim Roth Marty and Sarah Winkler
Heather Winkler and Friend Josh Jeff and Leigh Hotujec
Kham Manivanh Aaron
Picture 1 Picture 2
Picture 3 Picture 4
Picture 5 Picture 6

Fort Walton Beach Mini-Reunion
Aug 31, 2002

Rodney Bell & Ed Miller

"The Wall South" in Pensacola, Florida

L-R standing: TLCB members - Bobby Barry, David Fredrickson, Woody Freeman, and David Harrington; kneeling: Rodney Bell, Ed Miller, and Don Dorwart

L-R standing: TLCB Spouses/Children - Laurie Fredrickson, Mafia Bell, Joyce Harrington, and Miss Dorwart (Don's Daughter); kneeling: Eric Fredrickson - missing from photo: Grace Freeman

L-R: Eric Fredrickson, Woody Freeman, Rodney Bell, David Fredrickson (wheel chair), and Mafia Bell

Hurlburt Air Base, Memorial Air Park


The NYC Mini - Reunion

NYC/Intrepid Air and Space Museum - August 19, 2000
Wendy Liles, Rich Verde, Rodney Bell, Bob Santo, Bob Gallagher "CREW CHIEFS" 
Rich Verde, Rodney Bell
Members and Family members in attendance


The New Hampshire Air Show Mini - Reunion

Pease AFB - August 5, 2000

Bob Santo, Gen. Steve Ritchie, Rich Verde, John Sweet, Mike Allen

John Sweet, Bill Jaynes, 
Bob Santo, Rich Verde

Bob Santo
Gen. Steve Ritchie
Rich Verde

Gen. Ritchie's Plane - F4D 67-463 "Triple Nickel" Shadow telling Gen. Ritchie about the TLCB John Sweet, Rich Verde
Bob Santo, Mike Allen
Thanks to John Sweet who has made available small movies he took at the air show. I have zipped them all in one zip file for those of you with fast connections or for those of you with slower connections I have kept them separate for easier d/load. Click your choice of the links below.
Large zip file of all the movies "Here"
F4-1 / F4-2 / F4-3 / F4-4 / F4-5 / F4-6 / F4-7 / F4-8 / F4-9


The New England Mini - Reunion

October, 1998

reunion1a.jpg (6769 bytes)

reunion2a.jpg (6301 bytes)

John Sweet, Jim Geddes, Mike Brennan, Bill Jaynes, Art DiDonna

Art DiDonna receives the Re:Re: Award

The Thailand Mini - Reunion

November, 1998

country-pb2.jpg (3236 bytes)

Alan Cooper, Les Strouse and MacAlan Thompson having a few at the "Country Place".

The Connecticut Mini - Reunion

December 5, 1998

Bob, Shadow, Bill, John and Skip

Bob Hayes, Rich "Shadow" Verde, Bill Jaynes, John Sweet, Skip Chervak
Hey Bro's, wish you were here!! In attendance
As promised, a toast for all the Brothers not with us. Bill Jaynes, Rich Verde, John and Nancy Sweet, Bob Hayes, Skip and Karen Chervak.

Korat Mini

Feb '99

The Royal Princess Hotel. 
Left to right - Tommy Thompson, MacAlan Thompson "Jungle Jim" Traywick and Les Strouse.

The Tucson, AZ. Mini - Reunion

March 1999

tuscon1a.jpg (5847 bytes) tuscon2a.jpg (6478 bytes)
Amos Parker, Chris Wilson, Jack Sutherland, Chris Sutherland, Kiyo Getchell, Darrell Getchell Amos Parker, Jack Sutherland,
Chris Jepperson, Moria Jepperson and Kathy

tucson3a.jpg (5370 bytes)

Darrell Getchell, Gene Ponce, Amos Parker and Matt.

The Southern California Mini - Reunion

May, 1999

Southern Calif. Mini

Southern Calif. Mini - 69 Camaro
Steve Whitton, Rick Middleton, Gene Ponce, Rodney bell, Don Northcutt, Gene Rossell, Howard Wyman, Kevin Atkins Kevin Atkins, Rick Middleton, Gene Rossell, Rodney Bell, Don Northcutt, Gene Ponce, Steve Whitton

Father and Son Mini-Reunion - Tucson, AZ.

June 24th, 1999

fatherandsons2.jpg (6910 bytes)
Stephen Ryan (US Army), John-Paul Ryan, Terry "Fx" Ryan, Anthony Ryan (US Army), Amos Parker, Matt Parker (USAF).

Texas Mini-Reunion
July 13, 1999

The Thai Orchid - San Antonio
John Stewart, Dan Decker, Paul and Patty Lee.

Ft. Walton Beach, Florida
Sept. 5, 1999

Bangkok House Restaurant
Group (L-R) Chuck Jennings, Tommy Brown, Woody Freeman, Ed Miller, Ed Fancher

Dec. 30, 1999

Lonestar Cafe
Group (L-R) Mac, Alan Cooper, Niyom and Mike Cosenza in the back, Les Strouse, and Tommy Thompson

May 2002

Robins AFB Museum of Aviation
Front row: Virginia Gurley's Mother, Virginia Gurley, Rhonda O'Neal, Margie Hinderliter
Back row: Dick Hinderliter, Bob Pruiksma, David Gurley Russ O'Neal


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