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Notice! This list is for the sole purpose of TLC Members to search for and contact other members who have expertise in areas the member may be seeking help in. As an example, if you are an electrician, or were one on active duty, you could help another member with questions on electrical problems. If you were/are a lawyer you may want offer legal advice to other members. If you are a computer 'geek' you my be able to help other members with their computer problems

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Name & e-mail address Area(s) of Expertise Short Bio
John Middlewood
Family Counseling MA and Doctorate in Religious/Biblical Studies, Independent Missionary and Pastor of Christian Mission in Nakhon Phanom,Thailand for the past 7 years. Counselling and dealing with lots of different family problems. My counseling is Bible based, so a lot of people don't like it, pretty down to earth and responsibility based.
20 years USAF Hospital Administration
15 years teacher, grades 4-8
20 years (conurrent with above) counselor
Dooley, Gary
Counseling AF First Sgt, Pastor, Minister. I can do secular counseling as well. Special expertise in Dying, Grief & Bereavement. Would like to work with Thailand, Laos and Cambodia Vets who are confused with their military identity.
Culbertson, John
Teaching, educational research, statistics and computers(Windows, MS Office,etc.) AF, 1969-1977, Capt., Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander (Missile Launch Officer), Squadron Section Commander.
BS (Psychology), MS (Counseling and Guidance), Ph. D. (Major: Guidance & Counseling
Minor in Psychology)
30+ years counseling, children, families, couples. PTSD, career counseling, academic counseling, and personal-social counseling. No drug or alcohol abuse counseling.
20+ years teaching counseling and psychology (Junior college)
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