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Nong Sawan Elementary School

Motion 10-03 - Post 10249 proposes the purchase of 7 wall lockers (steel), 1 typewriter, and 57 desks and chairs for the Nong Sawan Elementary School, located approximately 80 NE of Udorn, along the Mekong River. This school, as with most all our proposals, is in the village of one of our members who has visited the school, discussed needs with the school staff, and determined what the school's top priorities are. Followup visits will be easily conducted as our member lives in the immediate vicinity of this school. Estimated cost for this proposal will be approximately (but not more than) $1000.
Respectfully Submitted: John Sweet, Assistance Committee Chairman
Attached are some photos from yesterday's Motion 10-03 delivery, thanks to our digital-photo man, Bert Marohl. In the first photo, the school headmaster and staff are shown making a speech passing on their appreciation for the generous donation of desks/chairs/typewriter/and wall lockers.
In the second photo, Dale and Ron Sell are shown stenciling the "donated by the TLCB" on the wall lockers.
The last photo shows some of the school's beauties who made a short presentation on stage for the members of the post who made the delivery.


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