Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

We, the Membership Committee, invite you to join us and become part of the TLC Brotherhood. Anyone who shares our interest in the Thailand-Laos-Cambodia experience and supports our objectives is welcome. Military service is not a requirement.

Our Four Objectives are:

1. To provide a benevolent, non-partisan association primarily for veterans, both military and civilian, of the era of United States involvement in the armed conflicts in Southeast Asia, with a primary interest in service outside the Republic of Vietnam, and open to all who contribute dues, if any, and agree to support these objectives.  Association shall be facilitated by provision of means of communication among members and to the public for educational purposes.  These means may include internet member lists and websites as well as periodic newsletters for members not using the internet. 

2. To  provide charitable assistance through endeavors that the membership may select from time to time.  Financial assistance using TLC Brotherhood funds shall be limited to charitable causes or organizations and shall not inure to the benefit of any individual member of the TLC Brotherhood. 

3. To honor the service of those described in Objective 1, and the memory of those who died or are missing in action as a result of their service. 

4. To collect and preserve the history of the service of those described in Objective 1, and to promote public knowledge and understanding of this service through educational activities. 

To apply for membership, submit your $25 dues (check or money order) made payable to the TLC Brotherhood. Dues are for the current calendar year regardless of when paid, except that those who join after September 30 are paid through the next calendar year.

For a membership application in Adobe Acrobat PDF format Click Here

 You will be able to type in your information on this form and then print it out. However, you will not be able to save it. If you want a copy to save, print two (2) copies.

Please sign and mail it (snail mail ) to the address below.

TLC Brotherhood, Inc.
PO Box 343
Locust Grove, GA 30248

We extend to you our sincere Welcome to The TLC Brotherhood.... & Welcome Home!


Please email  List Master (), to add you to our Mission List for a 60 day get - acquainted period with no obligation (Official business and SEA related mission posts only) for an initial period of 60 days.

Please state your particular interest in The TLC Brotherhood, including, if they apply to you: Name, Rank, Branch, AFSC/MOS, time of service in S.E.A., Base(s) and a few sentences detailing your assignment or any other related activities that might be of interest to our members.


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