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Ed Miller, TLCB Secretary visited Thailand, January and February 2002,

and made a visit to the Northeast section of Thailand

(particularly the NKP area)



Dale, Bert, and Vichit visited the Sribunreung School, which is the primary school 2km from the Children's Home.  Total enrollment is approximately 135 students.  Typical of most remote schools, this one needed lots of help.  The headmaster provided a list of items, which were approved  by the TLC Brotherhood Assistance Committee and delivered by Dale, Vichit, Tom Smith, Dick Philips and Ken Murray on 7 March  2002 to a warm welcome from the staff and students.  I think you'll agree from the looks of the photos, the generous donations of the TLCB members will improve life for the students at this school.  The desks carry the TLC name and will be a reminder to all who see them.
John Oles
Adjutant, VFW Post 10249
Udorn Thailand

Post 10249 and TLC join forces to assist the SriBunReung Elementary School in Udorn, 7 March 2002

School Cabinets, Water Coolers, and Sports Equipment Ready For Delivery

Another truck for the School Desks

Some of the Students, Staff and VFW Members who made the delivery

These kids were in heaven with their new sports equipment

TLC Assistance Funds In Action April - May 2002

Provided to the Nongkai Boy's Home
22 steel lockers, water pump, 22 pairs of shirts/shorts and 6 volley balls, for $1162.00



New Lockers and Old Storage Bins

New Water Pump

Soccer Team with Trophy and Medals

TLC purchased a wheelchair for a very poor woman who lives in SriBunRueng for $86.00


$300.00 purchased school clothes for 120 students at the following schools:  Ban Dong Moo, Ban Na
Ratchakwai Noi, Ban Kham Non Kham and Ban Don Muang.  Cost per student $2.50.

$210.00 funded the upcoming  attendance by the boys from Nongkai Boys' Home for the Independence Day picnic on July 6th at the Udorn city park held by VFW Post 10249.

$300.00 purchased school clothes for 120 students for the following schools: Ban Koh Kong, Ban Don Ya Nang,
Ban Nuen Sa At and Ban Sang Hin.  Cost per student $2.50.

This is a continuing program to provide school clothes for at least 30 students at each of the schools we are supporting. Further schools will be assisted during the second semester of school.

$320.00 purchased sleeping mats for pre-K and K students, educational materials for pre-K and K students,
and notebooks and pencils for First grade through 6th grade students at Koh Kong Elementary School.

(This school is located about 16 km west of Nakhon Phanom and almost directly across the highway from the base. It is approximately 5 km off the highway back in the jungle. In is an extremely poor village with about 135 students in Kindergarten through 6th grade. Thirty students are in pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten.)

$320.00 also purchased sleeping mats for pre-K and K students, educational materials for pre-K and K students
and notebooks and pencils for First grade through 6th grade students at Don Muang Elementary School.

(This is a school, about 16 km west of Nakhon Phanom, and about 4 km back off the highway, just west of NKP runway. In fact, you can see the control tower from the village. It is a very poor school with about 130 students, 30 of which are pre-K and kindergarten.

Thank you for your continued support of our Assistance Program.

Warmest Regards To All

John Sweet
Assistance Committee Chairman

Message and Pics from John Oles

Adjutant, VFW Post 10249

Post 10249 members, friends, and wives delivered the final shipment of supplies to the Nongkai Boys' Home today......despite a heavy monsoon-type rain.  Included in today's shipment were the 21 wall lockers and water pump. The sports uniforms and equipment were delivered last month just before a sports tournament was to be held in a southern province. 

 As always, the staff of the home were very grateful for the generous donation of materials by the TLC.  All the wall lockers and the water pump were stenciled with "TLC Brotherhood". The staff invited us down to one of the boys' dormitories to view the soccer team in their uniforms.  The team's coach proudly announced the boys had walked away with the trophy at the tournament.....and that fact was in plain evidence as the boys wore smiles spanning across their faces.  Besides the team trophy, each boy was awarded a heavy medallion.  It seemed pretty obvious to me the boys were extremely proud to have performed so well in the tournament, and I couldn't help thinking the uniforms and sports gear contributed to their feeling of camaraderie and teamwork.  Dale went out of his way to get the uniforms and sports equipment to the home only hours before they departed by bus to the tournament.

 While we were in the dorm, the director of the home pointed out the existing lockers that will be replaced by the new lockers.  The existing lockers are made out of 3/4" plywood and probably served the boys well for many years.  But their usefulness has past and no doubt the new lockers will be a welcome addition to the lives of the boys.

Dale mailed off the receipts for the wheelchair and all the supplies for the boys' home this past week.  I've also received my photos of Ms. La Kawjanda in her new wheelchair.  I'll have them scanned and sent next week.     The members of the TLC can be proud of their contributions to the many organizations in and around Udorn over the past few years.  It's always a pleasure to see the faces of the people who receive these doubt they've reserved a traditional Sawadee for all of you.

John S. Oles
VFW Post 10249

VFW Crew and Friends

Cmdr Dale Wages

Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 11:46 PM
Subject: Supplies Delivered

Hi John,
Members of the Post, friends, and family joined together to deliver the bulk of supplies to the  Ban Prongsomran Elementary School on 20 August.  Three truckloads of supplies made the 236km roundtrip along the mighty Mekong.  Another two vehicles of desks and chairs will make their delivery when the weather is more cooperative, probably sometime next week.  The delivery crew was welcomed with a large banner at the school entrance.  The staff of the school was extremely happy with the supplies purchased from donations of members of the TLC.  They reciprocated with a variety of eats and drinks and had students put on a short stage show for the delivery crew.  Vichit explained the role of the TLC and how their donations made the delivery of supplies possible.  The headmaster presented a letter to Vichit (for the TLC) that expressed their appreciation for the supplies.  All the staff signed it, even the janitor!!
John Oles
The school is in a small village along the Mekong River, east of Phonpisai, Thailand.  Approximately 153 children attend the school.  The facilities are well-cared for, but lack any signs of support in terms of new/serviceable equipment.  For example, all ceiling fans were found to be inoperable.  The desks in some of the classrooms were inscribed with the year of purchase:  1944!  Kindergarten children nap on a cement floor instead of even woven mats.  The school identified a long list of items, but the assistance committee pared it back to the following items:
10 Ceiling Fans                                       $166.66
25 Tables and Chairs                               $327.19
6 Soccer balls                                         $28.57
6 Volley balls                                         $28.57
6 Krakaw balls                                        $14.28
24 sets Soccer ball uniforms                    $159.52
37 Sleeping Mats                                    $80.02
4 Metal Wall Lockers                              $180.94
TOTAL                                                  $985.75
John S. Oles
TLC-Post 10249 Assistance Committee
Thanks to all for their participation!


Letter of thanks from Phomsomrang school


Letter reads as follows:

--We're very glad to recieved the best things from you. Our students are Banprongaoruran school, the people of Banprongaoruran viallge and Bankamiana village with us would like to thanks your for your kindness in help our school.

Nothing is great more than friendship between you and me. Thank you, T.L.C. brotherhood for your donations to your school. We thank you from our hearts.


Yours sincerely,--

Sent: Saturday, December 14, 2002 12:14 AM

Subject: TLC Delivery


Hi John,
Great news!  Vichit gave up trying to order desks/chairs from the prison and went back to his old contacts near Thare where we bought all-wood chairs/desks several years ago.  Turns out the factory was willing to make 85 for us at 500 baht a crack and threw in free delivery to Udorn....more than 150km away!  Dale, Vichit, and Muni Lipsky delivered the furniture to the Ban Luem school on 12 Dec.  The students and staff were very happy campers, as shown in the attached photos.  The man in the long-sleeve red shirt is Mr. Sermsak Panyasai.  He is the Primary School Department Inspector for Udorn.  He happened to be at the school at the time we made delivery.  He was impressed!  Next to him, in uniform, is the principal of the school, Winai Donkhotchorn.  Another job well-done by TLCB/Post 10249.
We'll be taking a short vacation the next few weeks as we gear up for our annual Christmas party.  We have two pending proposals that we'll get to you right after the new year.

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