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And Other Ongoing Projects

 Assistance Programs in 2007 

Assistance  Committee  
Motions  First  Quarter  2007
Quarter Total = $ 10,667.09  (* See Note)
Grand Total to Date =  $ 137,508.97
Motion 01-07  School Assistance for February  Total (A thru E) =  $ 2,253.00
A.  11,340 baht (approx. $322.00)  for the monthly food for Twenty-seven students at Wang Hai, Nong Yao, Phon Ba wan, Kham Pawk and Phon Bawan Elementary Schools.

B. 14,600 baht (approx. $414.65)  8 cement picnic tables and benches (12,800), 3 fans (1,800) for Tong Mon Elementary School.

C.  11,000 baht (approx. $312.40) to purchase 20 student desks and chairs for Ban Naratchakwai Noi Elementary School.

D.  10,400 baht (approx.$295.37) to repair two computers at Naratchakway Elementary School.

E.  32,000 baht (approx. $908.32) to purchase 20 cement dining tables and benches for Kham Thuey Elementary school.


Motion 02-07 Monthly Food Support Total =  $85.59

A.  3,000 baht ( $85.59) to purchase dry food products for Nong Ka Koh Goon School for the month of February.


Motion 03-07 School Assistance for March  Total (A thru E) = $2,213.92


A.  8,400 baht ($239.65) for the regular monthly food packet program to serve 20 students at the following schools: Nong Yao 4, Want Hai 6, Phon Ba Wan 4, Kam Pawk 6.

B. 28,700 ($818.81) to complete projects at Phon Paw Phon Sawan Elementary school:  Cement picnic tables and benches - 14 total price 22,400; Kindergarten sleeping mats 30 - price 4800 baht; Hygiene kids for Kindergarten - 30 - price 1,500 baht.

C. 11,000 ($313.83) to purchase 20 student desks and chairs for Don Dang School.

D. 19,900 ($567.74) at Tong Mon Elementary School  for the following projects: 7,100 baht to purchase materials to rehab bathrooms.; 12,800 baht be spent to purchase 8 cement picnic tables and benches.

E. 9,600 ($273.89) be spent to purchase 6 cement picnic tables and benches for Po Tak School.

Motion 04-07 
LAOS  - Long Tieng LS-20A School Supplies  $ 816.21
A. Mac Thompsonís first trip to Laos in March to deliver school supplies and books to the
 schools at Long Tieng.   

Motion 05-07 

Medical Assistance     $216.98
A.  900 baht ($27.12) to pay for transportation, food and lodging for parents of Teenad Khoglang for her trip to Ubon for medical examination for heart condition on Jan 8. I further move that 6300  baht ($189.86) be approved to pay for transportation, food and lodging for parents to accompany Teenad to Ubon for heart surgery on March 10, 2007. Total cost is 7200 baht ($216.98)

Motion 06-07   Thare Orphanage  $165.75
A. 5500 THB (165.75 USD) to purchase food supplies for Thare. During the past years we have purchased approximately the same amount of 
food each quarter to provides food supplement for the approximately 20 children that live at the orphanage and other children that are 
supported directly by the orphanage 
Motion 07-07  School assistance for April  Total ( A thru H) = $2,233.09
A. 3,000 THB (90.41 USD) to supplement lunch food program at Nong Kha Koo Koong School. 
B. 8,400 THB (253.14 USD) to fund the  regular student food packet incentive program 
C. 14,400 THB (433.96 USD) to purchase cement tables and benches for Po Tak School.

D.  9,600 THB (289.31 USD) to purchase 6 cement tables and benches for Nong Bua Than Bin Elementary School.

E.  4,800 THB (144.65 USD) to purchase an additional 3 cement tables and benches for Kham Tao Elementary School. They mis-counted at the time of initial request.

F.  6,400 THB (192.87) to purchase 4 cement tables and benches for Want Hai Elementary School. They either miscalculated the original request or were too bashful to ask for as many as they really needed.

G. 11,500 THB (346.57 USD) to purchase 20 student desk and chair sets for Tong Moon Elementary School (price increase of 25 baht per set), and an additional 3 cement tables and benches for 4800 baht. Total cost is 16,300.

H.  16,000 THB (482.18 USD) to purchase an additional 10 cement tables and benches for Kham Thuey Elementary School.  


Motion 08-07 English Camp    $603.50

A.  20,000 THB (603.50 USD) to purchase food for the cooperative English Camp between Assumption University, Bangkok and TLCB to be held at Kam Pawk Elementary School April 9-12. This is the second English Camp TLCB has participated in recently. There will be 65 students, grades 4-6 in the camp and 35 teachers from many provinces in Thailand that will be attending the teachers' camp. Staff includes 10 students from Assumption University and 4 credentialed teachers from Bangkok.  

Motion 09-07  Kam Pawk Elementary School  $347.00
A. 11,500 THB (347.00 USD) to purchase 20 student desks and chairs for Kam Pawk Elementary School.

Motion 10-07  Dining area at Nong Ka Koo Kong Elementary School  $328.91
A. 10,900 THB (328.91 USD) to continue the rehabing of the dining area at Nong Ka Koo Koong Elementary School. Funds will purchase tile,
cement and sand to continue tiling the dining area
Motion 11-07  Bathroom  facilities at Ban Na Ratchakwai Noi Elementary  $1403.14
A. 46,500 THB (1,403.14 USD) to construct a four stall bathroom with hand washing facilities at Ban Na Ratchakwai Noi Elementary School.
Assistance Fund Total   = $ 10,450.11
               Thailand Total = $  9,633.90
               Laos Total       = $    816.21
Medical Fund Total        =  $    216.98

* Note: Actual dollar amounts may change due to conversion rate fluctuations when bank withdrawals statements are reconciled.

Assistance  Committee  Motions  Second  Quarter  2007
Quarter Total = $  11,508.87  (* See Note)
Grand Total to Date =  $ 158,381.71
Motion 12-07  Food motions (A and B)  Total =  $480.00

A. 3,030 baht ($93.00) for the food program at Nong Kha Koo  Koong School.

B. 12,600 baht ($387.00) for the monthly food packet program. I am recommending we add three schools - 10 additional food packets to include the following schools.  Currently - Nong Yao 4, Want Hai 6, Phon Bai Wan 4, and Kam Pawk 6.  The increase will go to Nong Bua Tan Bin 3 - this School is located way out in the boonies; Phon Kaw Phon Suwan 3 - this school

is also located out in the woods.  This will raise the program to 30 packets at 420

Baht each.  We will still remain within our 80,000 per month budget.

Motion 13-07  School Support (A thru G)  Total =  $1660.00

A.  6,700 baht ($206.00) to purchase 32 sleeping mats (160 baht each) and 32 hygiene kits (50 baht each) for kindergarten students At Phon Kaw Phon Suwan School.

B. 11,500 baht ($353.00) to purchase of 20 student desk/chairs Toong Mon Elementary School.

C. 8,700 baht ($267.00) to rehab the second bathroom at Toong Mon Elementary School.  This will give the school 8 bathroom stalls to serve their student population.

D. 6,400 baht ($197.00) to purchase 4 cement tables and benches for Don Ya Nang Elementary School. 

E.  4,000 baht ($123.00) be approved to purchase cement tables and benches for Ban Na Ratchakwai Noi Elementary School. 

F.  2,700 baht ($83.00) to rehab sinks and washing area at Nong Bua Ratchakwai Elementary


G. 15,000 baht ($461.00) to purchase necessary supplies and equipment to install a pure water system in Don Ya Nang Elementary School.

Motion 14-07  Student Aid Fund    Total = $798.00 

A.  Awradee Suphapan be removed from the student scholarship list

for the 2007/2008 school year. She has come up with some problems in getting

enrolled in college - not grades - and has asked to be removed. That frees

up 20,000 baht that was already committed.

B. 6,000 baht ($185.00) for a total of 26,000 baht ($798.00) be granted to Soythong Losoowan. 
Motion 15-07  Food Motions (A and B)  Total =  $477.00

A. 3,000 baht ($ 92.00) to purchase dry food materials to be used at Nong Kha Koo Koong School to supplement their food program.

B. 12,600 baht ( $ 385.00) to purchase incentive food packets for the seven schools receiving a combined total of 30 food packets.


Motion 16-07  School Support (A thru F)  Total =  $1950.00

A. 15,000 baht ( $ 460.00) to purchase equipment necesary for the water purification project for Ban Pueng High School.

B.  9,000 baht ( # 275.00) to purchase materials to install an awning across the front of the library at Nong Bua Na Ratchakwai Elementary School.

C. 9,000 baht ( $ 275.00) to purchase necessary equipment to provide Nong Bua Na Ratchakwai with pure drinking water.

D. 16,000 baht ( $ 490.00) to purchase an additional 10 cement tables and benches for Potak School. This will provide seating for all students. They are in the process of rehabing their dining and kitchen area and will be expanding in the near future to accommodate  the additional students.

E. 10,800 baht ( $ 330.00) be approved to purchase 16 fans for Don Suwang Elementary School. Fans will be installed by village/staff help in classrooms that have no fans or inadequate fans.

F. 3,900 baht ( $ 120.00) be approved to purchase water filter system fior Sook Chalern Elementary School.


Motion 17-07  Medical Assistance Total $ 155.00
A. 5,000 baht ( $ 155.00) be approved for two students, Soopansa Dtonsoong, 3 years old, and Sritipong Dtonsoong, 5 years old to provide
 transportation for them and their parents to Khon Kaen for checkups from heart surgery. 

Motion 18-02 Laos Special Meeting 5/22 Trip 2  Total =  $ 892.87

A. 41,250 baht ($ 1,250.00) To purchase approximately $750 worth of roofing sheets, concrete blocks, cement, and toilets in the town of Xaysomboun (former Moung Cha, LS-113) for delivery up to Long Tieng. In addition, if there are funds remaining from the purchase of the commodities for the toilet facility, request permission to purchase sports equipment for the three schools in the Long Tieng valley.  An additional sum of not to exceed $500 will be required for land transportation in Laos, eg, rental of a 4-wheel drive pickup with driver for up to five days. This was done for the March 2007 trip and came in under budget at $240." 

Macís contribution is the round trip POV to Vientiane, and hotels and eats, $200+.

Actual cost approximately  $892.87.  Over 70% of this cost was raised from non-TLCB donors. 
Motion 19-07  Food motions (A Thru C)  Total =  $591.00

A. 3,000baht ($91.00)to purchase supplemental food for Nong Ka Koo Koong School.

B. 12,600baht ($379.00) for the food program. The total remains at 30: Nong Yao 3, Wang Hai 5, Phon Ba Wan 3, Kam Pawk 6, Nong Bua Than Bin 3, Phon Kaw Phon Suwan 6, Tong Mon 4.

C. 4,000baht ($121.00)to purchase food items for the Thare Orphanage. Thare presently has about 15-20 students residing there on a regular basis.

Motion 20-07  School Support  (A Thru D)  Total =   $670.00

A. 3,200baht ($97.00)for 20 sleeping mats for the kindergarten class at Na Moon Hin Elementary School.

B. 7,000baht($211.00)to complete the kitchen/dining rehab program at Nong Ka Koo Kong School.

C. 10,000baht ($301.00)to finish the rehab of dining area at Phon Ba Wan Elementary School.

D. 2,000baht ($61.00)to pay for over run costs for bathroom at Ban Na Ratchakwai, Noi TLCB motion 11-7.

Motion 21-07  Medical Assistance   Total = $91.00

A.  3,000baht ($91.00)for Sakoona, heart patient, to travel to Khon Kaen and return for her annual heart checkup.

Motion 22-07  School Improvement Projects  Total = $ 1,384.00 

A. 20,000baht ($602.00)to purchase materials for the pure water system for Nong Bua Than Bin Elementary School. Installation will be completed by village personnel.

B. 26,000baht ($782.00) to purchase materials for the pure water project at Kam Thuey Elementary School. This school has also volunteered to have staff and villagers do the labor of installation.


Motion 23-07  Emergency Medical Assistance   Total = $215.00     
A.  7,000baht ($215.00) for Tamasawn Lanchettha, 5 years old and in Kindergarten at Choak Amnuay Elementary school, and his father to
travel to Ubon so the son can be treated for a congenital club food problem.
Air Commando McCoskrie Threshold Projects Completed  Total = 2,145.00 
A) 5,000 baht ($450.00) Nong Bua Na Ratchakwai - Bathroom Project for Kindergarten 
B) 20,000 baht ($600.00) Koh Kong Elementary School - Water Purification Project 
C) 23,000 baht ($690.00) Ban Naratchakway Noi - Water Purification Project 
D) 13,500 baht ($405.00) Nong Yao Elementary School - Water Purification Project
The funds for these projects were donated by the Air Commando Associationís McCoskrie Threshold Foundation.
Assistance Fund Total    = $   8,104.87
               Thailand Total = $   7,212.00
               Laos Total       = $       892.87
Medical Fund Total         =  $    461.00
Student Aid Fund           =  $    798.00
McCoskrie Threshold    =  $  2,145.00

* Note: Actual dollar amounts may change due to conversion rate fluctuations when bank withdrawals statements are reconciled.


Assistance  Committee  Motions  Third  Quarter  2007
Quarter Total = $   11,953.00  (* See Note)
Grand Total to Date =  $ 170,334.71
July 2007

Motion 24-07 (Food supplement A and B)

A.  3000 baht ( $ 94.00) to purchase supplemental food for Nong Kha Ko Koong School. The food supplement allows 7-9 grade students to eat lunch on campus. Conference with the principal indicates that 90-95% of the students now remain on campus and eat lunch. Attendance at afternoon classes has also improved

B. 12,600 baht ( $ 395.00) to purchase 30 food incentive packets to distribute in accordance with the current distribution plan. These food packets provide incentive for poor and borderline students. All schools that receive the packets indicate they have seen a demonstrated improvement in students as they compete for the monthly food packets.

Total Cost of this motion = $ 489.00


Motion 25-07 (Quality of life motions A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H)

A. 4000 baht ( $ 125.00) to purchase roofing materials for the project under TLCB Motion 16-07. The school forgot to order roofing material. This is for Nong Bua Na Ratchakwai Elementary School.

B. 10,000 baht ( $ 312.00) to complete the water purification project at Nong Bua Na Ratchakwai Elementary School. The project was started in June under TLCB motion 16-07 but the costs were spread over two months to facilitate the school's getting the work

accomplished and not having to have a lot of material lying around in the interim .

C. 16,000 baht ( $ 500.00)  to construct 2 restroom facilities within the kindergarten classrooms at Nuen Sa At Elementary schools. This will provide restroom facilities for approximately 30-40 4 and 5 year old students under the supervision of the teacher.

D. 3200 baht ( $ 100.00) to purchase an additional 2 dining tables for Nong Bua Tan Bin Elementary School. They have had an increase in students and need extra seating space for meals.

 E. 7200 baht ( $ 225.00) to purchase 12 fans for Kam Taw Elementary School. The school will provide all wiring and labor for the installation of the fans.

F. 12,000 baht ( $ 375.00) to purchase 20 fans for Kham Thuey Elementary School. The school will provide all wiring and labor for the installation of the fans.

 G. 9,000 baht ( $ 281.00) to purchase 15 fans for Potak School. The school will provide all labor and wiring for the installation of the fans.

H. 3700 baht ( $ 116.00) to purchase sleeping mats for kindergarten 2 Class at Choak Amnuay elementary School. This will be the beginning of an assistance program for this school to include other work, especially in the kindergarten classes.

Total Cost of this motion = $ 2,034.00


Motion 26-07  (Medical Assistance motions A and B)

A. 5,000 baht ( $ 156.00) be approved from medical funds to provide funding for Natapon Sonan, 4th grade student and paraplegic to travel to Ubon for further evaluation and possible surgery. Several years ago he was diagnosed as having polio; two years ago he had an unsuccessful attempt at surgery here in Nakhon Phanom. The present orthopedic surgeon at Nakhon Phanom Hospital has him referred for further evaluation and surgery. According to the orthopedic surgeon here, he has a better than 50% chance of walking again with the surgery, and the surgery cannot make his condition any worse.

B. 6,000 baht ( $ 188.00) be approved for medical expenses for Thaipope Prompahn, a 5th grade student at Na Sai Elementary School. On June 26 he was referred to Ubon for possible heart surgery, and has been scheduled to go to Khon Kaen on August 28 to have his surgery performed there.  This cost is an estimate because at this time it is not known how long he may or may not be in the hospital there.

Total Cost of this motion is $ 344.00 ( to be drawn from the Medical Assistance Fund ) 

Air Commando/ McCoskrie Threshold Foundation Projects

A.  118,825 baht ($3,500.00) to fund a Computer Lab at Kham Thuey Elementary School in memory of Major Eugene P.(Geno) Valentine, USAF Ret.

B.  28,858 baht ($850.00)   Dong Suwang Elementary School picnic tables.

August 2007

Motion 27-07  (food supplement A and B)

A.  3000 baht ($ 100.00) to purchase food supplements for Nong Kha Koo Koong School to be used to supplement their lunch program to keep grades 7-9 on campus during lunch. 

B.  12,600 baht ($ 420.00) to purchase monthly food packets for 30 students at the schools we serve. 

Total Cost = 15,600 ($ 520.00)


Motion 28-07 (Quality of life A - F)

A. 16,000 baht ($ 535.00) to purchase 10 cement dining tables for Nong Yasai Elementary School. This is a new school, located about 15 km down the road from the base towards Sakon Nakhon. Their dining area consists of falling down tables and chairs and they are located a long way from the city, so they receive no help from anyone.

B. 4000 baht ($ 135.00) to purchase for a water purification unit for Kam Pawk Elementary School. This unit will supply pure water for grades 1-3. Their building is located about 300 meters from the main part of  the school, and this will provide them with safe drinking water near their building. Approximately 100 students will be served by this unit.

C. 17,000 baht ($ 565.00) to purchase tile, cement and other materials to tile the kindergarten floor at Choak Amnuay Elementary School. 

D. 3200 baht ($ 107.00) to purchase 20 sleeping mats for kindergarten students at Choak Amnuay. This will provide all kindergarten students at this school with sleeping mats for their afternoon nap time.

E. 4000 baht ($ 135.00) to repair 20 headphone sets for Kam Pawk Elementary School. The headphones are part of the sound lab system and the wiring has been destroyed. Repair costs are 200 baht per set.  Without the headphones it is almost impossible to use the sound lab.

F. 4000 baht ($ 135.00) to purchase a DVD player and a cassette/CD player for Nong Yasai Elementary school. This is the first school I have found that does not have this equipment and without it they cannot use the English teaching aids that I provide schools.

Motion Total = 48,200 baht ( $ 1,612.00)


Motion 29-07  (Medical)

I move that medical funds be approved in the amount of 8500 baht ($ 285.00) to purchase necessary medical equipment for Natapon. We already have 2100 baht ($ 70.00) surplus for a total of approximately 10,600 baht ($ 355.00). Equipment includes a hospital bed, materials for constructing an orthopedic frame, a portable toilet, urinal, and other equipment as the doctor orders.

Total Motion = 8,500 baht ($ 285.00)


September 2007 

Motion 30-07 A - E  (Quality of Life)  Actual Cost at time of withdrawal = $ 1,969.00

A. 4600 baht ( $ 140.00)  to provide 20 Square meters of tile, 10 bags of cement and sand to finish tiling the dining area at the school of Nong Bua Than bin.  Actual =  $ 134.74

B. 35,000 baht ( $ 1,066.00) to construct a four stool bathroom at Wang Hai School. 

 Actual =  $ 1,025.19

C. 11,200 baht ( $ 341.00) to purchase 7 cement picnic table sets for Thai Samakee Elementary school. This will be the first assistance for this school. Additional tables will be purchased next month, if this motion is approved.   Actual = $ 327.87

D. 9,000 baht ( $ 275.00) to purchase cement, sand, gravel and steel to pave the dining area at Thai Samakee Elementary School.   Actual = $ 263.47

E. 4800 baht ( $ 147.00) to construct a cover for the drinking area at Kam Pawk Elementary school Total Expenditure = $ 1,969.00   Actual = $ 140.52

Exchange rate this month = 32.86 baht per dollar 

Motion 31-07  (Medical Assistance)

1500 baht ($46.00) for Thamasawn to go to Ubon for checkup on his foot surgery.

5000 baht ($152.00) for Momae and Aporn to travel to Khon Kaen for their annual one-year checkup for their heart surgery. Cost will be 2500 baht for each child.

5000 baht ($152.00) for Thaipope.

Note; just for your information--I have another student with possible kidney problems.  I am waiting for medical reports back.

Total expenditure = $350.00

This months exchange rate:  32.86 baht per dollar. 

Assistance Fund Total    = $   6,624.00
               Thailand Total = $    6,624.00
               Laos Total       = $    0   
Medical Fund Total         =  $    979.00
Student Aid Fund           =  $   0
McCoskrie Threshold    =  $  4,350.00
  • Note: Actual dollar amounts may change due to conversion rate fluctuations when bank withdrawals statements are reconciled.


Assistance Committee Motions Fourth Quarter 2007 


Quarter Total = $   16,408.58 
Grand Total to Date =  $ 177,379.50

October 2007


Motion 32-07 Food Supplements Total = $488.00 Budget    Actual = $ 459.77

A. 3000 baht ($ 94.00)  to be used for supplemental food for the school lunch program at Nong Kha Koo Koong School.   Actual Cost at time of withdrawal = $ 88.42  

B. 12,600 baht ($ 394.00) approved for 30 food packets to be distributed to the following schools. We have dropped one school and added two additional schools who have never received assistance. Nong Yao 3, Wang Hai 5, Phon Ba Wan 3, Kham Pawk 5, Nong Ya Say (new) 2, Nong Bua Than

Bin 3, Choak Amnuay (new) 5.  Actual Cost = $371.35


Budgeted exchange rate is 32.01 baht per 1 USD.   Actual rate = 33.93 baht per 1 USD



Motion 33-07 Quality of Life Total = $1,542.00 Budget    Actual =  $ 1,454.75.

A. 4800 baht ($ 150.00) to purchase an additional three dinning tables for Thai Samakee Elementary School. This will provide the school with enough seating for lunch.  Actual = $141.47 

B. 2500 baht ($ 79.00) to purchase 5 cement benches for Nong Ya Sai Elementary School. This will replace 5 older broken benches and provide enough seating for the whole school for lunch.  Actual $ 73.75.

C. 6,000 baht ($ 188.00) to rehab 18 computers at Nong Bua Ratchakwai Elementary School. The school received a donation of 20 computers, but they are not in working order. These funds will give the

school a computer lab with 20 computers. They have also stated they will be open on at least Saturday for villagers and student sto use the computer lab as a community service.  Actual $ 176.84

D. 16,000 baht ($ 500.00) be approved to rehab two 4-stool restrooms at Nuen Sa At Elementary School. rehab will include replacing old wooden roofs with metal framed roofs.  Actual $ 472.40

E. 16,000 ($ 500.00) be approved to construct two inside bathrooms in the kindergarten rooms at Nong Yao Elementary School. This will allow teachers to monitor student activities and allow students to remain inside during the rainy weather.  Actual $ 472.40

F. 4,000 baht ($ 125.00) be approved to purchase a water cooler for kindergarten students at Choak Amnuay Elementary School. Actual $ 117.89


Budgeted exchange rate is 32.01 baht per 1 USD.   Actual rate = 33.93 baht per 1 USD.



Motion 34-07 Medical Assistance Total = $ 157.00   Actual = $ 147.36

A. 5,000 baht ($ 157.00) approved for Thamasawn to return to Ubon for additional surgery. The doctor has indicated a second surgery is needed to completely correct his club food problem.


Budgeted exchange rate is 32.01 baht to 1 USD.  Actual rate =  33.93 baht per 1 USD.


November 2007


Motion 35-07  Food Supplemental Total = $ 618.00

A. 3000 baht ( $95.00) to purchase supplemental food for Nong Kha Koo Koong School

B. 12,600 baht ( $397.00) for purchasing 30 food  packets to be distributed to deserving students

C. 4000 baht (126.00)  to purchase food supplements for the Orphanage at Thare. If the assistance committee is interested in continuing this program, this 4000 baht will complete the quarterly

assistance for the year 2007.



Motion 36-07 Quality of life Motions  A Ė E  Total = $ 1,714.00.

A.  6400 baht ($202.00)  to purchase 23 sleeping mats for the Thai Samakee school and 17 sleeping mats for the Nong Ya Sai Elementary school. 

B.  16,000 baht ($504.00) to purchase tile, sand and cement to tile the kindergarten classrooms at Nong Kha Koo Koong School.

C.  8600 baht ($271.00) complete the rehab of the Computer Lab at Nong Bua Ratchakwai school. This is the second school that has indicated they will open their lab during non-school time to

allow students and villagers to come in and use the lab.

D. 20,000 baht ($630.00) to construct two bathrooms in kindergarten classrooms at Don Ya Nang Elementary School.

E. 3,400 baht ($107.00) to begin purchase and  installation of water purification equipment at Na Sai Elementary School. An additional 6600 will be requested next month, if this motion is approved.


Note: Na Sai Elementary School has volunteered also to be the host for English Camp, conducted with the cooperation of TLCB and Assumption University in Bangkok. Present plans for the camp to be conducted during April 2008. This will be our third English camp.


Total = 54,400 baht ( $ 1,714.00)


December 2007


Motion 37-07 Long Tieng Project  Total = $ 750.00 Ė Actual Cost = $584.00

As the Assistance Committee approval for Motion 37-07 was for: "A sum of $500 is for purchase of commodities for water lines leading to two schools and an additional $250 for ad hoc use in case a useful project is identified during the next trip," request this report be an amended attachment of Motion 37-07.

Actual expenditures (in Kip) for the toilet project this trip:
2,450,000 sand and gravel
1,640,000 wood trusses, posts, purlins
934,000 hardware
525,000 diesel fuel ( army truck to pick up the sand and gravel, an all day trip)
5,499,000 Kip = $584.00


Motion 38-07  Air Commando Association Projects -  Actual Total Cost =  $9,917.44


Kitchen/Dining area at Nong Yao Elementary School 81,000 baht ($2,578)  Actual:  $2,416.95
Kitchen rehab - Koh Kong 50,000 ($1,591)  Actual:  $1,489.28
Kindergarten sleeping mats - 40 for Potak School 6400 baht ($205)  Actual:  $190.62
Classroom fans - Wang Hai School 15 at a cost of 8900 baht ($283) Actual:  $265.10
Student Desks and chairs - Thai Samakee School 40 at a total cost of 24,000 baht ($763)  Actual:  $716.14
Tile kindergarten classrooms - 100 Square meters - Nong Yao school 16,000 baht ($510)  Actual:  $477.4


Motion 39-07 Air Commando Association Potak School Project - $ 1,513.32

Pending receipt of funding from ACA, I move that 50,000 baht ($1,700.) be
approved to fund the kitchen/dining addition for the school at Potak in
the  village of Potak. Actual: $1,513.32




Assistance Fund Total                      $   4830.52
         Thailand Total   $   4,246.52
          Laos Total         $      584.00   
Medical Fund Total                             $    147.36
ACA/ McCoskrie Threshold               $  11,430.76





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